I hold MSc.(Computer Application)
From Symbiosis International University, Pune,
I am a passout of batch 2012-2014 from SICSR

What I am?

After working with some of India's finest developers and designers as part of 2 great organisations and learning all I could about the tech scene today & tomorrow, I have made my mind to provide my services to a people who deserve it most - 'The people who want to evolve in digital world & people who want to make it large'.

What do I know?

What does an average IT guy know? Business development? Business Model analysis & research? Business intelligence? Business Process Analysis? Project Management & Team Management? Project Flow analysis? Website development? Website design? Mobile application development & design? What else?

Been doing all these for past 9 years and still learning more and more each day, every single moment. I have been spending my time in learning about different fundamentals and possible business models to help cater to people who believe in what they are doing.

Why Freelance?

Been working for a long time now, and trust me, all these years I have worked with only the industry's finest agencies and many great clients. But I have always felt that there was something missing, a small gap between service providers and clients and it took me good time to understand what it was.

I am an Indian, born and brought up here, in one of the world's most beautiful country and we have our own world and rules.

  • We are providing cheap work!
  • We are more efficient than any other community out there!
  • We are more skilled compared to our counterparts!

Even though all these, people think we are not able to deliver good results and because of that I left my job to become a full time CONSULTANT and FREELANCE PROJECT MANAGER.
I believe I can bridge the gap between a client and a provider as a translator, not your standard ENGLISH to REGIONAL LANGUAGE one, but a NON TECHNICAL to TECHNICAL one.

Let's change the topic :D

I have been a competitive gamer my whole life and have participated in many eSports turnaments, mainly for CS 1.6, won many prizes in Ahmedabad, Vadodara & Pune as well as for many online turnaments. Apart from Gaming, I love to ride bikes, and love to cruise on highways. BTW, just fulfilled my dream with an amazing ALIENWARE 15 series laptop. 

Other info that you might be intersted in

Design is my passion

As I've mentioned above that I'm designer by passion, I love to design stuff with Vector softwares like Corel's Draw and Adobe's Illustrator and I love Photoshop as well, but I believe Open Source is better than anything and that is why I've mastered Inkscape & GIMP. Apart from all these, I am also really good at Wordpress and have good knowledge of Drupal CMS & Magento Community edition.

After I joined SICSR, I learned a lot about Open Source technologies and that made me love the concept of contribution in tech. And within 2 years at SICSR I had lots of opportunities of working with some of the finest organization around the globe like WikiPedia & FireFox. I've designed posters, banners as well as website properties for events for Open Source events in my institute as well as some for Mozilla Represntative program and had opportunity to work with some of the finest coders and open source contributors like Mr. Harshad Gune, Alolita Sharma and many more. As for my current job, I mainly prepare Wireframes for clients' sites and for that I use wireframe.cc. As our organization mainly deals with Wordpress and Magento development, I do not need to prepare Flow Charts or complete SRS but have had opportunities of creating for 2 custom development projects in past.

Academic profile